It is our belief that the highest and best use of our client’s time is focusing on their daily business. By working with the client from the conceptual stage, we are able to offer a comprehensive package which best suits the client’s specific needs. The opportunity exists to select the optimum site, to design the most effective layout, to establish firm cost parameters, and to select the most appropriate building materials.

Butters Construction & Development, Inc. offers a full service package which results in the completion of a first class facility. After assisting the client with their site selection, the Butters Team will coordinate the architectural/engineering design of the building, process the plans through the various government agencies for permitting, and construct the facility in accordance with the predetermined budget and schedule. This all inclusive system is known as “Single Point of Accountability”, and is the heart of our design/build approach. Single responsibility allows the client to deal with one entity, which can provide immediate respon iveness, and assumes all responsibility. Butters assigns a senior level official to serve as the client’s contact throughout the duration of the project.

That person is present at every meeting and is the channel for all communications. This experienced individual remains dedicated to seeing that the client’s needs are met and that the facility is completed on schedule and on budget.

Cost Savings

Lease rate or purchase price is lower due to elimination of unnecessary common areas, carrying charges and marketing fees. Common area maintenance expenses are lower because single tenant buildings have lower management fees, and controlled utility charges.

Full Control Over Working Environment

Expansion plans can be implemented to the firm’s time frame. Security and access to site are controllable. Climate control systems are programmed to company’s schedule. Corporations can negotiate a lease, an outright purchase, or a lease with a purchase option.

Operational Efficiency

Building designed to exact special needs.
No wasted areas.
Parking requirements satisfied.
All special requirements accounted for.

Firms Corporate Image Is Better Conveyed

Precise location requirements can be selected:
Municipality, Accessibility, Visibility, Building Style,
Materials Interiors and Landscaping can be selected.