Sunday, June 24th 2018 marked the 5th Annual Graduation Dinner and Real Estate Scholarship Award for the FIU Master of Science International Real Estate graduates.

Four years ago, on June 26, 2014, the first Scholarship Award Dinner where 2 graduates received help to pay down their debt took place. A little relief and encouragement for a prosperous career in Real Estate. 

“One factor that may limit a student’s career trajectory is the amount of student debt. With that in mind, I wanted to be able to give back and give one or more graduate student a clean start, pay off or pay down their student loan, so they too can have a clean start, and go out to become a successful member of the real estate community.” Malcolm Butters, Graduate dinner 2014

Malcolm Butters feels connected to FIU, as it has been the foundation of knowledge to a successful career in real estate. He was also the proud recipient of the FIU Medallion, the Outstanding Alumni Award as College of Business alumnus (MSRE ’83) in 2016, and has been inducted into FIU’s Entrepreneur Hall of Fame. His firm belief in personal touch has not only driven his success but built long term valuable relationships throughout his career. Personal dynamics has remained his priority, not only in his business dealings but also within the Butters organization.

Malcolm Butters on giving back:

“While it may seem difficult to donate at the start of one’s career, if you plan properly, it can be done. To start, dedicate 1 percent of your salary to a charitable cause. Most people can think of a way to make that happen. Maybe two Saturday nights a year, you stay home.” – Philanthropic Leadership & Financial Insights discussion, 2016

The winners of the 2018 Malcolm and Catherine Butters Real Estate Scholarship award were Jonathon Pavlov and Martina Faillace. We wish you both heartfelt congratulations!

Move forward with confidence in the direction of your dreams, create and live the life you’ve imagined.

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