​As we drive through South Florida and take in our impressive skylines, it’s easy to understand the impact of one of our key economic engines: real estate.

The South Florida Business Journal has unlocked its 2017 list of the top architects, developers, real estate professionals and property owners in our region.

The Power Leaders in Real Estate class of 2017 was curated by the South Florida Business Journal‘s editorial team. Many of the architects, developers, real estate professionals and property owners on the list are as well-known as the projects they’ve become associated with.

By South Florida Business Journal Staff

Butters is proud to announce that Malcolm Butters, CEO and Co-Founder of Butters Group has made this list for the past 5 consecutive years.  Congratulations Malcolm!

Birthplace: Montreal

Education: Bachelor’s Degree in Finance, University of Miami. Master’s Degree in Real Estate, Florida International University

Key to your Success: Adaptability

Personal Note: I swam with sharks off the coast of Bora Bora last year. Reminded me of several past partners.

Advise to your college-graduate self: Do as many internships as you can while in college. Learn as many languages as you can. Read a lot about industry trends. Never hold a grudge. Never burn bridges.

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